CoffeeNet Counter

CoffeeNet Starter Navigation Thymeleaf

This CoffeeNet starter is dedicated to provide a simple and easy way to integrate the CoffeeNet navigation behaviour with thymeleaf 2 into your application.

Getting started

This is a module in the starter set, so you first need to declare your project as a child of the starter parent by editing the pom.xml file.

    <relativePath />

Now you can enable the thymeleaf navigation bar in your project, by first adding the dependency:


In order to get everything up and running there are some requirements that your project must fulfill.


This example will help you to understand how to use the starter. The thymeleaf-layout-dialect is used in the <html> element to mesh your application specific content with the default layout of the CoffeeNet. All you have to do is to provide your information into the elements.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" xmlns:th="" xmlns:layout=""

    <!-- your head code belongs here -->

    <main layout:fragment="coffeenet-main">
        <!-- your main code belongs here -->

    <th:block layout:fragment="coffeenet-scripts">
        <!-- your scripts belongs here -->


see the navigation configuration in the starter navigation readme