CoffeeNet Counter

CoffeeNet Starter - Monitoring

This CoffeeNet starter is designed to add information to the
/health endpoint about the status of CoffeeNet services like
the Auth Server depending on the starters that are used in the project.

If you use the coffeenet-security-starter with the integration profile
then a check against the configured Auth Server will be done to see if the Auth Server is available and your project should work correctly

Getting started

This is a module in the starter set, so you first need to declare your project as a child of the starter parent by editing the pom.xml file.

    <relativePath />

Now you can enable monitoring in your project, by first adding the dependency:



The monitoring starter configuration depends on the CoffeeNet profile coffeenet.profile.

It will only add further CoffeeNet HealthIndiators based on AbstractHealthIndicator
if the the coffeenet.profile is set to integration otherwise you are in the development
mode and it would make no sense to lookup the reachability e.g. of the Auth Server.

      health-uri: http://localhost:9999/health