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the personalisable frontpage of the CoffeeNet

The CoffeeNet Frontpage is a personalisable landingpage, which uses a plugin based mechanism for adding widgets like feeds, clock or isLieb-comic. You can write your own plugin and intregrate with the frontpage.



Start application and environment (MongoDB) is used for persistence)

docker-compose up
./mvnw clean spring-boot:run

Spring Boot DevTools are also included for inflight changes.

Example Plugin Setup

All plugins from the CoffeeNet team can be found in the CoffeeNet Organisation.

Add Plugin

If you want to use a plugin you can download the jar e.g. from the Releases section. The plugin jar must be placed in /plugins-directory beside the frontpage application:

 \-- coffeenet-frontpage-plugin-feed.jar

Build your own plugin

An CoffeeNet frontpage plugin have to implement the API. An example is the clock plugin with implementation of the frontpage plugin interface. Little more complex plugin example is the feed plugin.