CoffeeNet Counter

CoffeeNet Dockerized

This projects provides all necessary information about the
CoffeeNet structure and the services for an easy startup.

When you run the docker-compose.yml file as describes below
a complete CoffeeNet system will be provided that consists of:

The Core of the CoffeeNet: - CoffeeNet Auth Server (http://localhost:9999) - Coffeenet Discovery Server (http://localhost:8761) - Coffeenet Config Server (http://localhost:8888)

Optional Central Services of the CoffeeNet:
For additional centralized logging we use graylog, that plays together with
the CoffeeNet Starter Logging - Graylog (http://localhost:9000 - admin/admin)

Applications of the CoffeeNet to enrich the functionality: - CoffeeNet Frontpage (http://localhost:8081) - … or any other application that you developed with the CoffeeNet Starters

If everything started correctly you will have a fully integrated CoffeeNet environment with the following users:

User Username Password Roles
admin admin admin COFFEENET-ADMIN & USER
user user user USER

and 2000 users for load tests e.g. with the credentials user{1..2000}/user{1..2000} (e.g. user1/user1, user2/user2,…) without a role defined.



Usage with docker-compose

Build the image:

docker-compose build

Start all images

docker-compose up

Or start a specific image

docker-compose up ${dockerService}

LDAP browser/editor

Apache Directory Manager


Install Apache Directory Manager (for example with Homebrew)

brew install Caskroom/cask/apache-directory-studio


Download and start the Apache Directory Manager