CoffeeNet Counter


This CoffeeNet starter configures the service discovery for your application, provides your application as client to the discovery service and offers already known clients to you by the rocks.coffeenet.autoconfigure.discovery.service.CoffeeNetAppService.

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This CoffeeNet starter configures a consistent logging format and behaviour through all of your CoffeeNet applications.

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This CoffeeNet starter is designed to add information to the
/health endpoint about the status of CoffeeNet services like
the Auth Server depending on the starters that are used in the project.

If you use the coffeenet-security-starter with the integration profile
then a check against the configured Auth Server will be done to see if the Auth Server is available and your project should work correctly

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This CoffeeNet starter is dedicated to provide a simple and easy way to integrate the CoffeeNet web navigation behaviour with javascript as your rendering engine.

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This CoffeeNet starter is dedicated to provide a simple and easy way to integrate the CoffeeNet navigation behaviour with thymeleaf 2 into your application.

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These projects contains all CoffeeNet starters, which can be used to integrate an application into the CoffeeNet.

Security provides the authentication against the CoffeeNet auth server.

Discovery provides the integration to distribute and search of CoffeeNet applications.

Logging provides a consistent and centralised logging.

Monitoring provides information about the service.

Navigation Thymeleaf provides the server side rendering of the navigation bar via thymeleaf.

Navigation Javascript provides client side rendering of the navigation bar with javascript.

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The CoffeeNet Auth Server is an OAuth2 provider to achieve single sign-on for the CoffeeNet. It authenticates against a LDAP-Server. See how to configure LDAP To use the Auth-Server in your application, see README of CoffeeNet Starter Security.

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The CoffeeNet Config Server is based on spring-cloud-config-server that is wrapped around with the CoffeeNet infrastructure like logging and discovery.

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CoffeeNet Logo

the personalisable frontpage of the CoffeeNet

The CoffeeNet Frontpage is a personalisable landingpage, which uses a plugin based mechanism for adding widgets like feeds, clock or isLieb-comic. You can write your own plugin and intregrate with the frontpage.

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This projects provides all necessary information about the
CoffeeNet structure and the services for an easy startup.

When you run the docker-compose.yml file as describes below
a complete CoffeeNet system will be provided that consists of:

The Core of the CoffeeNet: - CoffeeNet Auth Server (http://localhost:9999) - Coffeenet Discovery Server (http://localhost:8761) - Coffeenet Config Server (http://localhost:8888)

Optional Central Services of the CoffeeNet:
For additional centralized logging we use graylog, that plays together with
the CoffeeNet Starter Logging - Graylog (http://localhost:9000 - admin/admin)

Applications of the CoffeeNet to enrich the functionality: - CoffeeNet Frontpage (http://localhost:8081) - … or any other application that you developed with the CoffeeNet Starters

If everything started correctly you will have a fully integrated CoffeeNet environment with the following users:

User Username Password Roles
admin admin admin COFFEENET-ADMIN & USER
user user user USER

and 2000 users for load tests e.g. with the credentials user{1..2000}/user{1..2000} (e.g. user1/user1, user2/user2,…) without a role defined.


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